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Black Men and White Wives

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Black Men and White Wives

In this essay I will go into an explanation of social phenomenon that is growing in practice and acceptance every day. That which I speak of is sexual activity between married white women and black men. This social trend is literally sweeping the country and yet is the best kept secret in America for reasons that are entirely understandable.

In my previous essay I talked about the origins of interracial sexuality in America going back to the days of the old South and slavery. The current phenomenon owes it’s popularity to and appeal to those old days of slavery, and to the fear and awe built up around black male sexuality that came from the institution of slavery in the old South.

Some years ago, the famous betting expert “Jimmy The Greek” Snyder caused a furor with his remarks about how black athletes were superior due to breeding practices during slavery in the Old South. Although it was rather indelicately put, Snyder was essentially correct in that the strongest fittest black males were paired up with the strongest healthiest black females because their offspring would be better more valuable workers in the cotton fields. While this practice (like all other aspects of slavery) was reprehensible, it did result in black males being born that were tremendous physical specimens with superior size, stamina, and sexuality as well. This fact was not lost on the Southern white women (some of whom were undoubtedly wives) of the day as they were drawn to the impressive physiques and powerful primitive sexuality of these black male slaves. Descendants of these black men are still around today and white women of today are still just as powerfully drawn to them as the white women in the Old South were generations ago.

What has of course changed is the fact that it is not longer a societal offense for a white woman to be sexually involved with a black man, however the deeply rooted interracial “taboo” remains, and it is this “taboo” that give the interracial experience it’s excitement and power, and has resulted in the seduction of so many white women (and wives) by the black man’s sexuality. This trend continues with no signs of letting up, and it is clear that at some point a large percentage of white women in our society will have had some level of sexual experience with a black man. Some feel that perhaps as many as 1 in 5 white married women have had sexual relations with a black man after they were married! This is especially true in the areas that comprised the old “Slave South” and seems especially true in the former capitol of the Confederacy, the great state of Virginia, which has emerged as a wonderful example of interracial relations in America today!

Part of the reason the BM/WF trend has continued and has seemingly gained momentum is not only that the laws against interracial intimacy have been removed, but also because interracial sexuality among white women (most notably white wives) has been to a large degree promoted by their husbands! The breathtaking images available on the Internet of white women and black men in sexual embrace have fired the imaginations of many a white man (and husband) and moved them to consider offering their women (wives and even their daughters in many cases) the chance to experience the potent sexuality of the Negro for themselves. Many “interracial” websites have sprung up on the Internet catering to the interracial lifestyle. While some lump this in with Internet pornography, in truth this is something far different! There is something very different driving this trend, something separate and apart from common sexuality. The delicious allure of interracial sexuality, fueled by generations of taboo and secrecy is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and seems capable of seducing not only white women, but white families as well!

Many white couples report that the wife’s interracial couplings are a never-ending source of excitement and joy both for her AND for her husband as he watches his wife receive the ultimate in sexual pleasure. There are different arrangements in this lifestyle. In some, the wife goes discreetly to her black boyfriends home or apartment to seek satisfaction there with the tacit acceptance of her husband. In other arrangements, the husband accompanies the wife and watches as she receives pleasure from her black lover. There are variations on both, depending on the needs and desires of the couple in question. Many wives (and most husbands) report much greater satisfaction from the arrangement where the husband is there to watch. The white husband, who truly loves his wife, will delight in observing the pleasure and fulfillment that the black man can give her. This experience is one which many white couples use to bond even closer in their relationship.

Implicit in this arrangement is a strong marriage and loving relationship between the husband and wife, that counteracts the natural jealousy the husband would otherwise feel in knowing that another man, a black man, was having sex with his wife. That natural jealousy is overpowered by the husband’s love, and by the sheer excitement and eroticism of the wife’s activities with her black lover in bed. Often upon watching his wife, the husband’s excitement is just as great as her’s, and he gets to witness her at her most sexual, a sight that he does not ordinarily see when making love to her himself!

The way a wife goes about enjoying her black lover is important as well. Many wives will do for a black man, sexual acts that they rarely do with their husbands. Things like swallowing semen, performing analingus, and allowing anal penetration are all acts, which many white women eagerly do with their black lovers, but may not do with their husbands. Watching the wife perform these somewhat taboo acts with a black man is all the more exciting and stimulating to the husband as well as the wife! Giving herself so eagerly and so without shame to her black lover is what intensifies the excitement for the couple, and makes the black experience something they will permanently incorporate into their lives.

Many white wives are at first reluctant to enter into the interracial relationship, not so much because they lack the interest, but rather because they feel they are being unfaithful to their marriage vows. However, as many white couples have come to understand it, the vows are against betrayal and going behind the spouses back, NOT doing things with the husband’s consent and support. This is a key difference! In fact the vows to “love, honor, and obey” are best observed when the white wife loves her husband, trusts him enough to try this new lifestlye, and honors him by sharing the excitement and intimacy of the interracial act with him. She may be somewhat nervous and afraid, but goes forward anyway because she knows this is what her husband wants, and she trusts in him that all will be ok. Her love and trust is then rewarded with an experience that is more exciting and pleasurable than any she has experienced in her life! That then is her reward for loving and trusting her husband, and approaching the black experience with him as a loving couple supporting each other and committed to each other’s pleasure and fulfillment.

Because of the power and seductiveness of the black experience, it is a natural progression in many cases for this lifestyle to envelope the entire family of the white woman, usually in the case of her daughters as well, however that discussion will be reserved for a future essay to be forthcoming in the near future.

Let’s just say that for the time being, interracial sexuality for white women both single and married is becoming an increasingly common occurrence and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!


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