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Have you have ever fantasized about your wife or girlfriend doing something with another guy(s)?
Are you a guy that would like to meet another couple for fun?
Are you the female half of the couple and desire a new sexual experience with your partners blessing?
Or do you just enjoy being a fly on the wall voyeur reading, watching and looking at the genuine real life sex lives of other people?
Want to meet 1000's & 1000's of kindred spirits?

If the answer is YES to ANY of the above, then this site is for you!

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Some Of Our Many Member Site Testimonials


"Some great people on here. Ready to help and advise. Its the only site i visit 10 times a day."


"Thought id share my thoughts on this subject.......

For me, being an active member here on cucks has been a great success, on a number of different levels really."


"Im a member of other sites such as SH & FS to be honest ive had far more success here in the persuit of my play dates than swinging sites. Personally i find swing sites to be an outright hassle as the ratio of singles guys to couples is outragously stacked against the single guys, i.e theres loads of them on there. If i could get a pound for the countless message that ive sent on swinging sites which have simple just been ignored or not even read, id be a very wealth guy"


This is a niche site with a niche user base. For us, it's like coming home. We feel comfortable here.


"DEFINITELY worth it ;)

Steve + Mel x "


"What can I say, just a fantastic site"

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